We are Monetization.

Affiliate marketing and media buying is at the heart of everything we do.

For over 23 years, our company focus has been long-term, consistent, and reliable revenue generation and monetization solutions for our clients and partners.

We are monetization.

As affiliate marketers, we primarily work with offers on Revshare basis as well as CPA, PPS, CPL, and PPL.

We are media buyers.

Without any media properties of our own, we rely solely on media buying from quality independent publishers who operate and manage their web properties.

We are one of the world’s largest media buyers.

We have access to over 36 billion ad impressions monthly, and we represent many exclusive advertisers and offers, who require a constant flow of fresh media placements.

It sounds simple, but our years of experience and dedication to honesty, integrity, and putting customers first is what makes us unique.

What is media buying anyway,
and why are we so good at it?

Here’s a secret — its about experience, testing, and data.

That still sounds really not all that interesting, but its true. The most expensive (and most valuable) part of a campaign is the beginning. No matter what websites, offers, or traffic you choose, your results (and profits) will almost entirely rely on how your initial test goes.

That is where we can help, because we’ve done this hundreds (thousands) of times before.

We already have the data, we have the good spots and we know how to use them. We can facilitate your ad campaign and fast-track you by providing our internally generated data and pinpoint where to start first.

Our focus on monetization (not just selling advertising) is what has set us apart from the rest.

Our goal is only to provide media placements that we would buy ourselves.

Our efforts yield better profits for our partners because we believe in benchmarking and testing all traffic sources our media buyers acquire.

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