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Our Innovation Powers Top Fortune 500 Companies.

The research and development that Tiger Media funded built a technology solution that now services a growing group of top Fortune 500 companies.

Serious Advertising Concerns.

Roughly 25.8% of Internet users were blocking advertising on their connected devices in 2019. That figure from Statista highlights the seriousness of the ad blocking problem.

From Bubbles to Big Brands.

Since the beginning of the Internet, it has been advertising driven. It was big brand advertisers (and investors) who drove every dot-com IPO into bubble territory on the premise that we were all going to get rich because of the internet, and every crazy idea got a premium stock bounce.

But they were too early. The world wide web was too new and too immature for anyone to understand how it would become the center of our lives.

Ad Overload— How Aggressive Advertising Led to Ad Blockers.

Today, the web is cluttered with advertising, mostly from Publishers who cram in more ads to make more money. Advertising types have become more aggressive (rather than smarter) which has lead to people’s annoyance with ads on the Internet (and malvertising did not help, either).

Ad blocking software was born.

Publishers Caught in Revenue Squeeze.

The problem with ad blocking is simple. Publishers who operate free websites (those that rely solely on advertising to generate revenue from their freely available services or content) bear the costs for all visitors to their website – ones who block their ads and those that do not.

Unfortunately, that means website Publishers are being squeezed by Browsers, Software Apps, and Tech giants who are blocking ads and their associated revenue, while still streaming and downloading content and burning Publisher resources.

Enter Ad Unblocking.

Forced Ads vs. User Preferences.

As a response to the initial blocking of ads on websites, many companies started detecting ad blockers and displaying ads to those users by several different methods. This meant that users who did not want to see ads were being “forced” to view them against their will. It became an arms race.

Consent-Driven Technology Praised by TechCrunch.

To provide a better solution for ad unlocking, we invested into research and development into next-generation ad unblocking technology that would display ads only by user consent. TechCrunch applauded the solution as the right way to handle ad blockers.

If you are a Publisher of a popular website.

please contact us for your code snippet to measure your Ad Blocking rate. Our simple script provides the most accurate measurement of your blocking rate (and it is likely a lot higher than you think it is).

If you are an investor or venture capitalist looking to invest in the future of ad unblocking technology.

we are happy to speak with you, too.

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