Affiliate Marketing

At the turn of the century, Tiger Media started in affiliate marketing. Our focus was development of web properties for long-term revenue generation. Monetization of web properties became the bread and butter of the company’s revenue.

Affiliate Marketing is still the core of everything we do. We work with offers on Revshare, CPA, CPL, CPI is how we generate millions of dollars in revenues for our partners on an annual basis. We used to build our own websites to generate these revenues, but times have changed (a lot) since then. We divested all of our internal websites in 2010.

Our primary mission shifted to connecting quality Publishers who operate and manage web properties, with acceptable Advertisers who needed advertising space. It sounds simple, but over years of experience and dedication to honesty, integrity, and treating customers how we would prefer to be treated is what makes Tiger Media unique. We built our technology to support our large volume ad buys as an affiliate, and that benefits our other partners as well.

To this day, Tiger Media continues on its path with lucrative advertising and monetization solutions for popular web properties.